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Archive for February, 2017

Optimize HCM User Experience

Don't Dismiss The Benefits Of A Positive HCM User Experience Are you currently considering implementing an automated HCM (human capital management) system within your organization? If so, it's important to evaluate two vital considerations before choosing the best innovation for your business. First, think about functionality. It's critical to select a system that actually does what you need it do. When working with HCM providers, you will go through your checklist of  "must haves" to guarantee that all your distinctive corporate needs are covered. However, functionality alone should not be the cornerstone of your HCM selection. Experienced human capital management vendors will know tha

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Why Training Your Employees Is Good for Retention

There’s an old joke about an executive who worries that training their employees will be a bad investment because they might leave, to which the sage CEO says, “What if we don’t train them and they stay?” Contrary to common fears, training employees doesn’t usher them out the door. Yes, training may prepare employees for employment outside your company, but it also prepares them for a better future working for you. You can increase the likelihood that your employees will use the training they receive for your benefit by giving them opportunities to put what they’ve learned to immediate use and rewarding them when the new skills and extra effort pay off. Prompt application o

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What Is the Interactive Process, Anyway?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to reasonably accommodate the disabilities of their employees and to engage in an interactive process when a request for accommodation is made. What is the interactive process? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission describes it this way: the employee and the employer “communicate with each other about the request, the precise nature of the problem that is generating the request, how a disability is prompting a need for an accommodation, and alternative accommodations that may be effective in meeting an individual’s needs.” The employer’s part in this process entails some specific steps. When you go through the i

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Find Qualified 401k Providers

Choosing A Retirement Plan: 3 Features Employees Love The age of retirement keeps increasing, making a solid savings plan a must, both for employers and employees alike. As a business owner, you already know that partnering with reputable 401k providers proves an excellent first step in helping your staff make provisions for their future. However, using qualified 401k providers alone often won't be enough to ensure your team has a positive savings experience. In order to optimize the benefits enjoyed by your employees, you should look for 401k providers that also customize their plans for an easy-to-use system that streamlines how they save and invest. When choosing 401k providers, look

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Utilize HR Outsourcing Companies

HR Outsourcing Companies: Let Them Sweat The Small Stuff As an executive human resources professional, you may not have considered using HR outsourcing companies as part of your existing business model. It's a common oversight; managers, directors and even VPs often assume that they have their entire human resource requirements effectively managed and that HR outsourcing companies will only convolute the existing process. However, when they carefully analyze their current corporate structure and evaluate what HR outsourcing companies offer they often realize that allowing these outside firms to sweat the small stuff can have a big impact on their business. HR Firms Manage Administrative

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