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Archive for January, 2017

Reminder: OSHA 300A Forms Must Be Posted by February 1

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that all employers who are required to maintain the OSHA 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses post a summary of the previous year’s log between February 1st and April 30th each year, even if no incidents occurred in the preceding calendar year. The summary (OSHA Form 300A) must be certified by a company executive and posted in a conspicuous location where notices to employees are customarily posted. All employers who had more than ten employees at any point during the last calendar year are covered by this requirement unless they qualify as part of an exempt low-risk industry. New this year: electronic report

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Workforce Management Software can help First Time Managers

5 Tips For First Time Managers Getting promoted to a management position can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Overseeing people in their daily routines comes with its challenges. Understanding a few simple tips can help minimize hiccups within your team and help you perform as effectively as possible. Tip #1: Automate Whenever You Can Many first time managers quickly realize that manual processes can prove a major time drain as well as increase room for human errors. Don't get stuck in old-school manual procedures. Instead, automate a multitude of functions using workforce management software. Workforce management software delivers centralized access to a slew of information and o

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FAQs About Form I-9

We receive a lot of questions about the I-9—the form used to verify the identity and employment authorization of all individuals hired for employment in the United States. Here are some of the most common: 1: Is The New Form Available Now? Yes. The new I-9 form was released November 14. You may now use it, although the old form will remain valid for new hires through January 21, 2017. The new I-9 should be used only for new employees and when you are required to reverify temporary work authorization. You should not request that current employees complete another I-9 simply because of the new form. 2: How Should I-9s Be Stored? Separately. We recommend that you keep all I-9s in

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Understanding Payroll Taxes

Professional Payroll Companies Break Down Tax Primer For Your Business For small business owners, managing payroll can feel like a full-time responsibility, particularly when it comes to coordinating all your corporate tax requirements. The best way to stay on top of your payroll obligations is to team with experienced payroll companies. These consulting companies partner with their clients to break down the general tax primer and ensure they remain compliant at all times. Tax Primer 101: Get The Basics Consulting with qualified payroll companies to breakdown tax regulations deliver a wealth of information. Your chosen vendor will provide details for you in three specific categories:

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Invest Using 401K Management Companies

401K Management Companies Offers Long Term Investments Strategies in Volatile Market 401K management companies recognize that swings in the marketplace are just part of any global marketing strategy. However, understandably investors often panic every time the market experiences a major downturn. Volatile markets, while commonplace, can instantly invoke knee-jerk reactions from individuals trying to protect their assets, particularly when it comes to their retirement savings. It's critical to work with your 401K management companies and create long-term investment strategies that will endure whatever turbulence the market encounters. Some tactics your 401K management companies may sugges

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HR Tip of the Month

If your business operates in a location that is at least occasionally subject to severe weather conditions, it’s a good idea to have a policy on the subject. The major topics you’ll want to address include: When employees should not attempt to come to the office (e.g., snowy or icy conditions, school closings). Whether employees will be expected to work from home if the office is closed or they can’t make it in. How the time off will be paid, if at all. As the employer, you can decide whether employees will have the option of taking unpaid time off or if you will deplete their vacation or paid time off (PTO) bank. But be sure not to take a deduction from exempt employee wage

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Partnering With HR Outsourcing Companies

HR Outsourcing Companies Combat Tight US Labor Pool Entrepreneurs in every industry often struggle to maintain the perfect employee balance within their organization, for many different reasons. Finding qualified candidates in a thriving marketplace can be a challenge, especially for business owners responsible for multiple internal functions. These challenges get even tougher in a tight US labor pool. Many entrepreneurs decide that the best way to combat a particularly tight labor pool is by employing experienced HR outsourcing companies. Benefits Of Outsourcing Hiring To A Professional Team If you're considering teaming with a HR outsourcing company to help with your staffing, benefits,

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Hot HR Topics of 2017

Big changes are in store in 2017. In this article, we’ll examine some current hot topics in HR including the new political landscape and what it could mean for employers, some of the state and municipal regulations on the horizon, the trend of automation, and the importance of attracting talent in an economy favorable to employees. Political Uncertainty No one knows for sure what executive and legislative changes will be made over the next four years, but it’s possible that the Affordable Care Act could be repealed or that major modifications could be made to it. The proposed FLSA overtime changes, currently on hold, could be permanently scrapped. The National Labor Relations Board

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