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Archive for November, 2016

New Form I-9 Released

The new I-9 form was released on November 14. It may now be used, although the old form will remain valid through January 21, 2017. After that date, you must use the new form. We recommend you train all employees who are responsible for completing the I-9 and start to use it for new hires as soon as possible. A few important notes about this new form: While the new I-9 is intended to be completed as a fillable PDF to reduce errors, it should not be confused with an electronic I-9. An employer must still print the completed I-9, obtain the appropriate signatures (which are not fillable via PDF), monitor reverifications, and retain the form for the proper retention period. Employers an

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Partner With A Quality HCM Company

Selling HCM To Your Employees In today's fast-paced, ever-changing global market place, hiring impressive talent is a must. This proves particularly true for smaller businesses. No matter what your corporate offerings, staffing your team with the very best candidates can mean the difference between merely treading water and actually leading within the industry. For many HR specialists tasked with recruiting these top tier applicants, teaming with an HCM company to incorporate a customized system into their infrastructure can prove an invaluable tool. Give Your HR Team An HCM Advantage Using human capital management systems prove a major first step in out-recruiting the competition for

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401k companies – develop the right plan for your business

Retirement Planning 101: Partner With Qualified 401k Companies As a business owner, you know firsthand that retirement savings proves a vital benefits offering in your organization. No matter the age of your workforce, or the stage of their careers, saving for retirement is something that most of them are thinking about. Offering options to help them after they've retired is not only a corporate benefit that shows value to your current employees, it can also be a compelling recruiting tool when sourcing new talent to join your team. Most importantly, a savings incentive can help you hire new candidates, but it may also help you keep them long-term. Deciding that you want to offer retirem

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FLSA Changes: Updating Your Policies and Practices

Have you reviewed your policies and practices in light of the upcoming FLSA overtime changes? Reclassified employees may have to follow procedures and policies that didn’t apply to them before—or that you didn’t have. Changing habits can be a challenge, but changing those of your formerly exempt employees with respect to hours worked and tracked is critical to preventing wage and hour violations. Newly non-exempt employees are likely used to “running the clock” after hours. They may be in the habit of responding to work email, finishing up projects, taking client calls, or engaging in other work tasks during non-work hours. It’s therefore advisable that your policies are cl

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Overtime Rules Go Into Effect on December 1st

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The new federal overtime rules go into effect on December 1, 2016—just over two weeks from now. There are four major changes of which employers should be aware. The new minimum salary for most exempt Executive, Administrative, Professional, and Computer employees will be $913 per week ($47,476 per year). Up to 10% of this income may come in the form of non-discretionary bonuses, incentive pay, or commissions. That portion of the compensation must be paid at least quarterly. If an employee does not earn enough in bonuses and commissions to be on track to make $47,476 per year (measured at the time of the quarterly payment is made) the employer has two options. They can pay the diffe

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Use Employee Benefits Administration Software

Employee Benefits Administration Software Grants Small Companies Big ROI As the owner of a small company, you already know that your total employee compensation plan can make a major difference in your hiring process. Without a cohesive benefits package, you may continuously find yourself at the mercy of your larger competitors when it comes to hiring talent; the industry giants get to handpick their candidates and your business is left with the applicants they didn't want. Don't settle for leftovers when staffing your team; incorporate employee benefits administration software into your organization to streamline your overall compensation initiatives and level the hiring playing field w

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FLSA Changes: FAQ

What are the new minimum salary levels, and when will they go up next? As of December 1, 2016, most exempt executive, administrative, professional, and computer employees need to be paid at least $913 per week ($47,476 per year).Also as of December 1, employees who are exempt under the Highly Compensated Employee (HCE)* exemption will need to be paid at least $134,004 per year. The next increase (after the one next month) will be on January 1, 2020. Current projections estimate that the minimum for most white collar employees will increase to $51,168, while the minimum for employees who are exempt under the HCE exemption will increase to $147,524. *The HCE exemption is an option avail

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5 Benefits Of Applicant Tracking Software

Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Utilize Applicant Tracking Software Not sure if applicant tracking software will prove a wise investment for your organization? Many business owners find themselves struggling with the same quandary, particularly if they already have an existing (aka manual) recruiting process for them that they believe "works." Greasing up a seemingly non-squeaking corporate wheel may initially feel pointless. However, understanding some of the many benefits offered by an application tracking software can illuminate why you may want to utilize this efficient and omnipotent resource. Reason #1: Candidate Volume Ever feel like you are simply drowning in resumes fro

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