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Archive for October, 2016

OSHA Delays Effective Date of Anti-Retaliation Provisions

Enforcement of the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) anti-retaliation provisions has been pushed back to December 1, 2016. Initially intended to be effective August 10, 2016, the provisions were originally delayed until November 1, 2016. OSHA agreed to this second delay in light of a legal challenge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. When the anti-retaliation provisions go into effect, the rules will require employers to do the following: Inform employees of their right to report work-related injuries and illnesses without retaliation; Have a procedure for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses that is reasonable and does n

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Seven Tips for Organizing an Office Donation Drive

Have you thought about conducting an office donation drive? Done well, it’s an easy, low-stress way for businesses to help people in the community and gain a reputation for compassion and community service. Here are our tips for running a smooth donation drive: Call local donation centers to see what items are most needed. These places may have a surplus of some items, but be in great need of others. They’ll be able to tell you which is which so you can conduct a drive that truly benefits the community. Consider the costs of items needed and the finances of your employees. Employees who make less money or have less ability to give may feel excluded if the requested donations are

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Use Professional Online Payroll Services

online payroll services

Avoid These Potential Costly Payroll Mistakes With Your Start-Up by using Online Payroll Services As a new business owner you will constantly find yourself straddling a multitude of functions and responsibilities. While it may make sense to continue managing various tasks, it's also critical (for the health of your fledgling venture) to look for various duties to outsource. One common function that many entrepreneurs find makes sense to outsource? Payroll. Using professional online payroll services can make a significant impact on a wide range of operations within your business. In fact, business owners who choose not to utilize online payroll services often find themselves facing a myriad

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Find The Right 401K For You from 401k Providers

Pre-Tax Deferral Vs. Roth: Which Is The Better Option For Individuals? Working with professional 401K providers often means deciding between a plan that offers pre-tax deferral or a Roth account. While both a traditional 401K and a Roth provide retirement savings options, they each have some significant distinctions that warrant consideration before moving forward in the process. A standard 401K allows employees to contribute pre-tax income to the account. Upon retirement, you pay taxes each time you withdraw funds from the plan. Conversely, a Roth account allows contributions to be made after taxes have already been paid. Paying the taxes upfront means that you will enjoy tax-free withdraw

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Pay Data Will Now Be Required on EEO-1 Reports for Employers with 100 or More Employees

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced that it will require employers with 100 or more employees to submit summary pay data and total hours worked for the year as part of the annual EEO-1 report. The first report, capturing data from 2017, will be due March 31, 2018. In subsequent years, March 31 will become the new annual deadline for EEO-1 reports—a change from September 30. As a result of pushing the reporting date from September to March, no reporting will be due in 2017. On the new form, federal contractors and subcontractors with 50-99 employees will not report summary pay data or hours, but they will continue to report employees by job category as wel

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HR Tip of the Month

Non-exempt employees don’t fly free! Rules around compensation for travel time haven’t changed, but if you don’t know what they are, now is the time to find out—especially as more employees will be classified as non-exempt under the new overtime rules. As a general rule, employees need to be paid for any time spent traveling during their regular working hours, regardless of the day of the week and regardless of whether they are a driver or passenger. Example: An employee usually works Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. They travel to a conference and are on a plane for four hours on Sunday between 1 pm and 5 pm. They need to be paid for all four hours, because those hours fel

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Teaming Finance and Human Resources Outsourcing

Finance & HR: A Necessary Corporate Partnership Modern business owners recognize that individual departments can no longer exist in corporate silos. In order to maximize efforts and optimize results, it's critical to integrate and collaborate as much as possible. One necessary corporate assimilation with staying power? Partnering finance and HR divisions, particularly as it relates to human resources outsourcing. When properly integrated, this type of alliance reduces hiring as a strictly administrative function and strategically transforms the process into potential financial gain. Why have finance and HR relationships flourished in the past few years? Recent operational trends have

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Manage Your HCM Conversion

HCM Conversion: Scrub Your Data First Transferring your HR data from an internal system to a cloud-based HCM delivers a wealth of benefits of opportunities for your organization. A comprehensive human capital management system offers a centralized, integrated storage solution for relevant users throughout your company. With just a few simple clicks, staff members from any department can access what they need: vacation approval, timesheets, employee reports and more. However, successfully upgrading to a human capital management software system requires careful planning to guarantee a seamless integration throughout the process. In order to enjoy an effective and efficient migration, it's

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