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Archive for September, 2016

What Is Human Capital Management Software

What Exactly Is Human Capital Management (HCM) Software? If you're running a company of any size, you may have heard the term human capital management (or HCM) software. However, you may not know that HCM is far more than just the latest business buzzword. This technology application has proven an invaluable resource for organizations in virtually every industry. Understanding what HCM is and what it offers can help you determine if it could strengthen your corporate operations. Human Capital Management Software: The Basics By definition, HCM software refers to a system designed to help business owners organize, manage, and maintain both its employees as well as its processes. This type o

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Streamline Benefits Enrollment

Tips For Successful Open Enrollment The end of each business year typically brings with it open enrollment. This is the period of time where your employees are offered new health options and other benefit election options. While most staff members are excited to modify or update their enrollment, many HR reps struggle with the anxiety that this season brings. Plan changes can mean so many questions. Your human resource department can find educating colleagues on new processes and procedures a full-time job. Knowing some important tips to streamline your open benefits enrollment can deliver significant advantages to both management and staffers alike. Use A Human Capital Management System

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Why You Should Consider Progressive Discipline Before Termination

Terminating employment always comes with risk, even when it’s done for good cause. You can reduce this risk by using progressive discipline. As its name suggests, progressive discipline involves a progression of disciplinary actions with escalating consequences. When used to give employees with behavioral or performance problems time and opportunity to improve, it demonstrates good faith. And if the process results in termination, you can show the termination was for cause. How Progressive Discipline Works Progressive discipline generally begins with a conversation. This initial conversation is meant to nip any poor behavior in the bud. Often this conversation will be part of your regu

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Reminder: EEO-1 Report Due September 30

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires certain companies to submit a report categorizing their employees by race or ethnicity, gender, and job category. This demographic survey, called the EEO-1, is due by September 30, 2016. A company is required to file the report if it meets one or more of the following criteria: Employs 100 or more employees; or Employs fewer than 100 employees if the company is owned by or affiliated with another company and the entire enterprise employs a total of 100 or more employees; or Is a federal government prime contractor or first-tier subcontractor with 50 or more employees and a contract or subcontract amounting to $50,000 or m

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Build Your Business Using Human Capital Management (HCM) software

Use Human Capital Management (HCM) software To Strengthen Your Company's Future Human capital management (HCM) software delivers a wide range of impressive corporate benefits. It's no secret that an innovative application streamlines efficiencies and provides mobile access to necessary functionality. However, entrepreneurs running organizations of every size are often surprised to realize that an HCM solution goes beyond mere productivity; these systems can strengthen operations throughout your entire organization. Using an HCM system in your business yields extensive advantages such as: Integrated Systems Many companies struggle managing separate systems for each business unit and

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Political Discussions in the Workplace

This election season has given us generous helpings of drama, and the general election itself is only two months away. With the final stretch before the candidates—and us—you’ll no doubt overhear political small talk in the office. Maybe even a heated argument or two! While a respectful debate over lunch or a brief remark tossed over a cubicle may not merit a response from management, what happens when political arguments at work turn ugly? Raised voices can disrupt operations. Feelings can be hurt. Team cohesion can suffer. Employees with political differences might refuse to get along. There are even potential legal issues: a political debate about a protected class can devolve in

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HR Tip of the Month

Calling an employee’s first 30, 90, or 120 days an introductory period doesn’t give an employer any special legal rights when it comes to termination (except in Montana, where after that period at-will employment is infringed upon). However, using the term “probationary period” to refer to the first few months of employment can get you into legal trouble. Content provided by TPC HR Support Center.

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