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Archive for August, 2016

Get The Most Out Of Your HCM Systems

Maximize Your HCM Business owners in every industry sign up for a full HCM solution excited about the extensive functionality it offers…then only use it for just a few of their critical internal functions. It's a common occurrence that can prove a costly misstep. While initially it may seem too daunting to eliminate individual departmental systems and unite in a cloud-based application, a new human capital management system delivers a comprehensive range of resources that can streamline your operational efficiency in ways you never imagined possible. As with any type of new technology, mastering your HCM system will require a slight ramp up period to ensure you optimize use throughout

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Benefits Of Human Capital Management Software

5 Signs You Need Human Capital Management Software Struggling to manage the HR needs in your business? It may be time for a human capital management software solution. Using an integrated HCM system streamlines interdepartmental procedures and keeps your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Knowing the signs that you're ready for this type of technology solution can help you make an informed final decision. Some Telltale Indicators Include: Gut Instinct That fact that you've started considering human capital management software is generally a good indicator that you have a valid need for it. Research the type of functionality this application offers to further gauge the val

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Upcoming OSHA Rule Changes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a new final rule revising its Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses regulation. The rule will require certain employers to electronically submit injury and illness data. It also prohibits employers from discouraging employees from making injury and illness reports. Anti-Retaliation Provisions The anti-retaliation provisions were supposed to become effective August 10, 2016. However, OSHA recently announced that enforcement of the anti-retaliation provisions would be delayed until November 1, 2016. Under the new anti-retaliation rules, employers must do the following: • Inform employees of th

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HR Tip of the Month – Review Exempt Status

While you’re digging into employee classifications for employees who will be affected by the upcoming FLSA changes, it’s a great time to also look at all employees who will remain exempt to ensure that they can be properly classified that way. Exempt employees must not only make the minimum salary ($913 per week or $47,476 per year, effective December 1, 2016), they must also perform all of the required duties for the kind of exemption being used. Misclassification of employees who meet the minimum salary requirement but not the duties test is more common than you might think. And it can be costly. For example, to be properly classified as an executive employee (generally used for

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Human Resources Outsourcing Benefits

Human Resources Outsourcing: Your 1st HR Department Companies of every size need a qualified and competent human resources solution. While previous business generations relied heavily on internal employees to fill this critical need, modern entrepreneurs recognize they have another option: human resources outsourcing. Many companies, even startups, understand that as they begin to grow, human resources outsourcing can offer several operational and strategic benefits, making it an ideal way to manage all of their HR needs and requirements. Advantages Of Human Resources Outsourcing Knowing the many benefits offered by human resources outsourcing can help you determine if it makes sense for

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Use Professional Payroll Processing Services

Can Your Payroll Service Provider Handle Your ACA Reporting? The Affordable Care Act marks a host of health insurance reforms and mandates with specific requirements on business owners. The current laws have distinctive requirements based on size of your organization. Some of the employment mandates pertain to: Self-employed individuals Less than 25 employees Less than 50 employees More than 50 employees Oftentimes, business owners falling into these specific employment categories find the best way to ensure ACA compliance means hiring a third party payroll processing services firm. However, once they begin their search they quickly realize that not all payroll processing s

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When to Take a Chance on an Inexperienced Applicant

Every hiring manager receives applications from people who are clearly unqualified for the job. Sometimes, however, a candidate with no direct or seemingly-relevant experience applies for a position and, for some reason or another, captures their attention. Often the manager believes the promising applicant could be an exceptional employee, but that hiring the applicant poses a big risk. Having never done the specific tasks of the position, the applicant may not actually be able to do the job. They’ve never been tested, so there’s little evidence one way or the other. They could be great. They could be terrible. And there’s only one way to find out. In such cases, the safer bet w

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What to Expect If Your State or City Passes Paid Sick Leave

While only five states and the District of Columbia have passed paid sick leave laws, more and more municipalities—most recently Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago—are passing ordinances that require employers to provide paid sick time. Paid sick leave is clearly a trend—one we can expect to continue. While each paid sick leave law has its own quirks and details, there are some commonalities that we have seen as more laws go into effect. If paid sick leave comes to your city or state, here are some things you can expect: 1.  Employer size may determine requirements.  Because of the financial burden new legal requirements can put on employers, smaller employers are sometimes exem

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