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Archive for July, 2016

HCM Software Automates Onboarding

Use HCM Software To Automate Employee Onboarding Employee onboarding can feel like a taxing and overwhelming process, for both the HR resource and new team member alike. Often wrought with extensive paperwork and reading, onboarding can prove draining, setting a sluggish tone and overall impression that the new worker has for your organization. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case. Many HR departments, of every size and scope, have discovered the many benefits offered when using HCM software to automate the employee onboarding process. Benefits Of Using HCM Software With Your New Coworkers Using an automated HCM software solution with your new hires instantly gets the proces

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HCMs Boost Corporate Morale

Four Ways Your HCM Will Boost Employee Morale Employers everywhere, and in every industry, have learned firsthand the many benefits offered by an HCM (human capital management) system. A well-appointed automated system integrates seamlessly within various department resources. As a result, business owners instantly enjoy optimal efficiencies throughout their organization. While the advantages to entrepreneurs are well known, many executives don’t realize the many benefits an HCM system delivers directly to their employees. Providing a human capital management system to your staff members streamlines a host of procedures, making employees' business lives infinitely easier. In many cases

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Offering A 401K Fund To Employees

stand alone tpa

401Ks Aren't Just For Big Companies Many small business owners assume that offering 401K plans is something only big companies can afford. However, offering your employees a retirement savings plan can yield some impressive incentives for you as well. Launching this type of savings plan offers your small business significant benefits that should not be ignored. Why You Should Consider This Type Of Employee Retirement Savings Plan Having a 401K plan means that you get to participate. You can enroll in the plan and contribute to your fund throughout the year. Everything that you put into your account is deductible from your employer income. Additionally, you are not taxed on employee contri

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Prep For Payroll Processing Services

payroll processing

Ready To Use Payroll Processing Services? Know How To Prep For Setup Partnering with a new payroll processing service yields a long list of benefits for businesses of every size. Automating your payroll reduces manual errors, offers integration with other key systems, and ensures your business stays compliant with local and federal tax regulations. Despite the impressive return on investment, starting the process can (understandably) cause some rookie jitters. Many entrepreneurs find themselves worrying about what information they will need as well as what type of documentation they will have to present during their organization's setup. Some business owners avoid using payroll processin

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When Exempt Status Is a Status Symbol

Employees who will be transitioned from an exempt to non-exempt classification because of the new FLSA overtime rules may resent the change in classification. They may feel that tracking time is beneath them, that they’re being micromanaged, that their position has less prestige, or that their work has less value. All of this is understandable; being exempt has become a kind of status symbol. But with the doubling of the minimum salary threshold, it will benefit us all to adjust our mindsets. It’s important to remember that exemptions to the FLSA’s minimum wage and overtime requirements were made as a benefit to employers, not as a reward to recognize employees for their achievement

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Install HCM Software In Your Office

HR Department Of One? HCM Software Can Help! Managing an entire Human Resources department on your own can feel like a tall order. However, the task is not insurmountable. Many successful HR solo artists put together a plan to effectively manage their department and eliminate potential workflow gaps that hinder operations. Ready to put together an efficient strategy to manage your HR department alone? Consider these important tips: Tip 1 - Implement Human Capital Management Software Just because you're a team of one doesn't mean you shouldn't tap into relevant HR tools for assistance. Human Capital Management Software is a perfect place to start. A well-appointed HCM system will de

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HR Tip of the Month – FLSA Coverage

Almost every organization and employee is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Since the new overtime rules were released in May, many employers have been asking if there are exceptions for small companies, nonprofits, or churches. The answer is no – there are no special carve-outs. There are two ways in which employers and employees can be covered by the FLSA; if either applies, then so do all of the FLSA rules. The first kind of coverage is called enterprise coverage. This applies when an employee works for an employer who has an annual dollar volume of cash sales or business done of $500,000 or more (this doesn’t include charitable donations, but does look at any for-pr

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Choose Human Resources Outsourcing

hr outsourcing

Human Resources Outsourcing: Know The Differences Between A PEO & HRO Successfully running your organization means finding the most effective way to manage your employees' needs. As your company grows, you may want to consider outsourcing your HR functionality. For many employers, partnering with an outside vendor means choosing between a Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) provider or a Professional Employer Organizer (PEO). Not sure which one makes most sense for your business? Knowing some key distinctions can help you make the right choice. PEO Basics - A Professional Employer Organizer essentially hires your employees directly. Acting as a co-employer for tax purposes, a PEO often

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HCMs Automate Benefits Enrollment

hcms automate benefits enrollment

How HCM Can Automate Benefits Enrollment Businesses of every size have tapped into the advantages offered by an HCM (Human Capital Management) software system. A well-designed HMC seamlessly combines payroll, human resources, tracked time, and employee attendance, making it a one-stop resource for employees and managers alike. This invaluable option allows access to real-time data across every level of the organization, ensuring that needed updates don't bring your operations to a grinding halt. HCM Streamlines Employee Benefits Process Strategic entrepreneurs have also realized that Human Capital Management can make a major difference with their employee benefits. When integrated in

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Working With Summer Scheduling Challenges

With summer underway employees have more scheduling challenges than usual. Vacations, summertime child care concerns, and the desire to take advantage of nice weather with an afternoon (or day) off all contribute to employees missing more work in the summer months. How you respond to these matters will of course be heavily dependent on the nature of your business, but consider making allowances when you can. Working with employees to create a schedule that will allow the necessary work to get done, while recognizing that they have obligations and interests outside of work, will help employees feel valued as individuals. This makes for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce ov

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