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Archive for March, 2016

5 Benefits of Tracking Time and Attendance

As an employer, you have a lot on your plate. Between payroll, interacting with employees, and trying to run the business, you may find yourself stretched thin and not able to commit as much time to the things that are most important. Unfortunately, when a supervisor can’t stay on top of the growing list of demands, employee engagement can suffer. Instead of spending your time at work worrying about employee attendance and trying to track schedules, you may want to look into a solution that can take care of this task for you. There are a number of benefits that come along with a system that can quickly and easily track time and attendance. Get Rid of the Paperwork New hire documents, pa

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Human Resource Expectations | New Employees

Human Resource Expectations: How Well Does Your Company Manage Onboarding New Employees? Human resource expectations have become much more urgent in recent years. The economy is recovering and prospective employees are beginning to find that they have more choices now than in recent years. It’s critical for today’s employers to include welcoming, integration, and community building into their onboarding processes. Losing employees costs your company money and productivity. Taking some simple steps to ensure your new employees feel comfortable and secure as a member of your team will help build your future success together. Build A Lasting Relationship Here are some steps your company s

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The Safety Program Mistake You Don’t Want to Make

Some employers try to create a safe workplace by rewarding employees when there are no work-related injuries. This is a mistake. While you certainly want to motivate employees to follow your safety procedures, you do not want to incentivize employees to hide injuries and accidents—or to refrain from filing a claim. Encouraging “no injuries” tells employees that they should downplay their injuries or keep them quiet. It may be well-meaning, but it’s still a form of pressure that exposes you to liability and increases the chances of repeated injuries. And it doesn’t make you safer. There’s a simpler and safer way to motivate your employees to take safety seriously: keep the topic

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Tattoos, Piercings, and Man Buns, Oh My! – Finding the Dress Code That’s Right for Your Organization

What kind of dress code should you have? The answer to that question may come down to the kind of company culture you have or want to have. There’s no universally-applicable dress code for successful businesses. And what works fabulously in one office might prove distracting in the next. Some employers avoid restrictive dress codes because they can negatively affect morale and may drive away impressive job candidates. Other employers prefer a strict dress code to maintain a certain company image. Whatever your situation, we recommend that you have a written policy that explains your expectations. These expectations may be specific or general, depending on your needs. If you anticipate qu

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Human Resource Requirements | Time Off To Vote

Human Resource Requirements: Is Your Company Required To Provide Time Off To Vote? Human resource requirements for allowing employees time off to vote are a perennial source of confusion for employers. It’s little wonder, given that while federal law guarantees a citizen’s right to vote, it is left to the individual states to determine whether employers are required to give employees time off work to vote, how much time and when, and whether or not that time must be paid. The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering a resolution, H.R. 2887, which, if enacted, would require all employers, nationwide, to provide employees two hours of paid leave on the day of any federal ele

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