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Archive for September, 2015

HCM Systems Optimize Corporate Efficiencies

Human Capital Management Software: Do More With Less Are you worried that your back office and administrative functions are proving too much for your staff to manually handle? Do you find yourself waiting, waiting and waiting on critical employee data reports whenever you need them? A human capital management software system could provide the perfect solution for your organization. What Is Human Capital Management Software And Why Do You Need It? Put simply, human capital management software, or HCM, offers one centralized system that effectively manages a host of payroll, HR and benefit functions. With a few simple clicks, you will have the ability to access HR data, employee attendance det

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New IRS Resource helps Employers Understand the Health Care Law

The new ACA Information Center for Applicable Large Employers page on features information and resources for employers of all sizes on how the health care law may affect them if they fit the definition of an applicable large employer. The web page includes the following sections: What's Trending for ALEs How to Determine if You are an ALE Resources for Applicable Large Employers Outreach Materials. Visitors to the new page will find links to: Detailed information about tax provisions including information reporting requirements for employers Q & A Forms, instructions, publications, health care tax tips, flyers and videos. Although many employers will not be affected,

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President Obama Mandates Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors

On September 7, Labor Day, President Barack Obama signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to offer their employees up to seven paid sick days annually, depending on the number of hours employees work. According to the White House, the order will benefit about 300,000 workers. The president also urged Congress to pass legislation guaranteeing similar benefits to private-sector workers. The majority of the current Congress opposes mandated paid sick leave, however, so any additional paid leave requirements in the near future will most likely be produced at the state or local level. To encourage states to establish paid family and medical leave programs, the president’s fisca

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Administering Unusual Hourly Schedules

When recruiting for unusual hourly schedules, such as graveyard or on-call shifts, it’s important to sell the position in the right way. Some people prefer unusual schedules because of their sleep habits, their family’s needs, or their recreational habits; but not everyone can be successful working odd or irregular hours. Here are a few keys to successful recruiting and hiring for these positions: Look for past experience in a similar schedule. Many people think they can work odd hours, but most are not suited to it. Conduct reference checks with former employers, specific to the candidate’s ability to work independently, as is often necessary during these shifts. Ask interview que

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Source Passive Candidates With Human Resources Outsourcing

Staffing Agencies: Recruiting The Passive Job Seeker Filling open positions in any organization can prove a full-time job. Unfortunately, all too often, it also proves a "reactive" responsibility. As a business owner, you appoint an internal resource to dig through the ever-growing pile of resumes responding to a particular listed job and hope that at least one current applicant has the skills and experience needed to assume your available position. Sound like your current recruiting process? If so, you should consider human resources outsourcing. Know The Benefits Of Finding Passive Job Candidates Partnering with a human resources outsourcing firm can deliver extensive advantages. They m

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EEO-1 Filing Deadline Extended

EEO-1 reports are typically due September 30th of each year.  The EEO Joint Reporting Committee has extended the deadline for this year until October 30th.  Read the release here. To see if you are required to file the EEO-1 report, check the eligibility requirements here.

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A Culture of Gratitude

Breathe new life into your workplace by creating a culture of gratitude and recognition. Here are four simple steps to make this happen: 1.Celebrate the specific achievements of individuals and teams – this can be as simple as a shout out via email for a job well done, a small gift card, or even a thank you note. 2.Encourage employees to celebrate each other by instituting a colleague recognition program whereby they can praise co-workers for specific behaviors or attitudes. 3.Show your appreciation for the entire team by hosting special events, whether it’s an informal happy hour in the break room, a potluck with a hosted entrée, or a monthly contest of some kind. 4.Make “Thank y

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Employee or Independent Contractor? A New DOL Interpretation

To help employers properly classify their workers, the Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a new Administrator’s Interpretation to explain how the Fair Labor Standards Act’s definition of employee should be understood. As opposed to focusing primarily on the amount of control exerted by the employer, as was standard before, this guidance focuses more on the economic realities. According to the interpretation, an employee is a worker who is economically dependent on the employer and not in business for themselves. Most workers are employees, not independent contractors, and many workers presently classified as independent contractors should be reclassified as employees. If you currently

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