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Archive for April, 2015

How to Keep Millennial Employees from Job Hopping

Millennials are a firmly-entrenched part of today’s workforce, and their presence is expanding: Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the U.S. workforce by year 2030. Statistics like this make it essential for your clients to understand this group of employees and what it takes to keep them engaged. Millennials bring valuable skill sets to any work team: they’re tech-savvy, social media experts, skilled at multi-tasking, and collaboration-oriented. But for all the great skills this generation brings to the workforce, they also carry a reputation for job hopping. In fact, the average millennial will change jobs every two years. This job-hopping phenomenon among workers ages 18 to 3

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Using Online Payroll Services

Going Beyond Payday With Your Online Payroll Services It's no secret that utilizing online payroll services can yield a significant range of features and benefits on payday. Every billing cycle, you simply need to tap into the power of the system and your paychecks are automatically generated for everyone within the organization. Using online payroll services truly takes the guesswork out of payday for business owners operating in any industry and with any size operation. Understanding The Peripheral Benefits Of Online Payroll Services In Wisconsin While no one is surprised to hear about the many payday benefits delivered when using online payroll services, business owners don't always know

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Updated FMLA “Spouse” Definition

The Department of Labor has issued a final rule that changes the spousal eligibility under the FMLA. Eligibility will now be decided based on whether the marriage was legal in the state in which it was performed as opposed to the prior rule which looked at whether the marriage was legal in the state in which the employee resides. In response to this rule change, employers should ensure that they are properly defining “spouse” for all employees who are in same sex marriages and common law marriages. If the same sex marriage or the common law marriage was entered into in a state where it is legal, employers should treat those spouses as eligible spouses for FMLA purposes even if those uni

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Workplace Investigations – Part II

Many businesses find themselves having to conduct workplace investigations for a variety reasons, from harassment to violation of conduct guidelines. Knowing how to conduct a thorough investigation is key for reducing employer liability. In this two-part series, we are exploring the best practices for conducting an investigation. Last month, in Part I, we talked about general best practices for investigations. In this installment, we will walk through the actual steps of conducting an investigation. Be prepared. Typical steps in preparation for the investigation: Choose an investigator Come up with a strategy for approaching the investigation and consider all areas of liability (dependin

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Using Workflow Management Software

Optimize Your Corporate Efficiency With Workflow Management Software Operational efficiency is a goal that most businesses aspire to achieve. Optimal productivity helps eliminate wasted time and resources as well as keeps everyone and everything running at maximum capacity at all times. Unfortunately, with so many variables and employees in place at any given organization, successfully obtaining streamlined operations can prove elusive at best, no matter what the size or scope of the company. If you are struggling to keep proficiency at the forefront in your operations, you may be an ideal candidate for workflow management software. A customized workflow management software solution offers

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Bring Your Child To Work Day – April 23rd

Thursday, April 23rd is National Bring Your Child to Work Day (BYCTWD). This day was originally designed to bring daughters to work to teach young women about careers and occupational opportunities. Today, this has evolved into a learning event to teach all children about the workplace and to give them a better understanding of what Mom or Dad does all day. Before you decide to participate in this learning event, it is important to take several issues into consideration, including productivity, client service, and safety. Productivity – Productivity will certainly take a major hit on Bring Your Child to Work Day. Much of each employee’s day will be spent teaching and providing supervis

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