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Founded in 1986, this client offers products such as stains, fixatives, chemicals, reagents, antibodies, and slides for clinical and research histology laboratories.  Many of the products are available either as stand-alone components or as kits.


The client had many positions that needed to be filled, ranging from lab assistant to general manager.  They did not have the time or resources to effectively complete the tasks.


TPCHR stepped in and took over recruiting for these positions.  The recruiting process was a well-organized routine due to TPCHR’s many years of experience handling recruiting.  The process included:

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Reviewing resumes and cover letters
  • Conducting phone interviews

Not only was it important to find someone with the skills to perform these various jobs, but they also needed to find the right fit for the company.


TPCHR helped recruit for positions including tech support, lab supervisor, general manager, warehouse support, information systems support, and lab assistants.  The client was satisfied with the care TPCHR took in finding someone who fit the company and position.

“It’s not like we couldn’t have hired those people on our own, but we saved time and energy to focus on what we’re experts in. If you have an expert in recruiting as a resource, you should use them”
~ Owner