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The client is a worldwide leader in advanced information logistics and business process outsourcing.  They have a range of office and business solutions which use imaging, data capture, document management, and workflow technologies to provide clients with a real competitive advantage.  They began operations in 1994 and have since expanded to include locations in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and the United States.

Challenge – People and processes in place from Day-One.

Although a worldwide company, the client was new to the US and unfamiliar with US compliance issues.  This was a client in need of critical assistance with numerous challenges to overcome in a very short timeframe.  By start-up, all HR forms, policies and procedures needed to be created, a staff needed to be hired and a basic, but competitive benefit plan needed to be developed and communicated.  To add complexity to the situation, the start-up location was 150 miles away and across state boundaries.


Hired as an outsourced HR department, TPCHR developed and implemented a project plan that included working with local management, corporate office personnel, job applicants and insurance vendors.  TPCHR delivered all applicable start up and compliance support with very little lead time.

On Day-One, TPCHR had:

  • Created policies, procedures and job descriptions
  • Developed all new hire forms and prepared applicable on-site posters
  • Hired an on-site staff (conducted recruiting activities that included placing ads, performing phone screens, making final recommendations for in-person interviews, offering jobs and closing out unsuccessful job candidate)
  • Implemented a SharePoint site with personnel files, job candidate files and other HR-related information
  • Completed on-site employee orientations


The client was impressed with TPCHR’s ability to maintain priorities; consistently hit deadlines; remain accessible, responsive and caring; work from a distance and deliver promised results.  According to the VP of US Operations, “it’s nice knowing that we have people making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.”

And, even though the initial flurry of activity has been completed, the client continues to rely on TPCHR as an outsourced HR department.  TPCHR continues to:

  • Provide ongoing payroll and benefits administration.
  • Develop benefit plan alternatives.
  • Be accessible to local and corporate staff for HR management issues.
  • Provide effective communications and monthly reporting.

“One of the greatest things about TPCHR is that you have instant access to people.  And responsiveness is key when people have questions regarding employees, payroll, or benefits.”
~VP of US Operations