Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

Most employers know the importance of accurate and timely paychecks.  Errors in paycheck or paycheck delivery can cause unnecessary disruption to employee relations and productivity. As part of a leading payroll services provider, The Payroll Company’s HR Services offers full-service payroll administration for clients of all sizes and in any location or industry.  Our thoroughly trained payroll administrators are responsible for reviewing company information every payroll cycle to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date according to the client’s online payroll system.  This includes performing the following activities:

Processing Payroll

  • Reviewing and correcting time and attendance entries
  • Obtaining payroll data including employee demographics, salary adjustments, special payments, tax allocations, and employee deductions
  • Calculating and processing incentive and bonus payments
  • Assuring appropriate payroll accruals
  • Approving and submitting the client’s payroll
  • Solving problems concerning payroll, answering inquiries, and enforcing payroll policies
  • Preparing and providing payroll statements and reports as required

Between Payrolls

  • Remaining current with the payroll processing system and changes in wage and tax laws
  • Assisting with development of payroll procedures by recommending improvements or changes when deemed necessary for greater efficiency or effectiveness
  • Answering employee questions relating to their paychecks

Ancillary Services

  • Handling state unemployment insurance administration including processing initial claims reports, reviewing and responding to unemployment claims, telephone interviewing key witnesses, preparing witnesses for hearings and representing the organization at unemployment hearings
  • Certified payroll services for prevailing wage compliance

The rigid deadlines of payroll processing can cause excessive demands on an organization’s resources as well as additional stress when those responsible for payroll take time off.  Clients with our payroll administration service transfer those demands to our team, thereby freeing up the schedules and time commitment of their own staff and improving performance and job satisfaction.  Our team is cross-trained for each client to provide uninterrupted support and additional peace of mind.  Our renowned personal service ensures we are only one email or phone call away whenever a question arises.

If you are ready to make the switch to payroll administration with TPC’s HR Services, contact our sales team today.

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