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HR Pros: Beware of Scammers

Last spring, the IRS issued a warning about an emerging phishing email scheme that targets HR and payroll departments. The scammer purports to be a company executive and requests personal information about employees – often in the form of W-2s or payroll records. The IRS gave examples of what the emails might say: Kindly send me the individual W-2 (PDF) and earnings summary of all W-2 of our company staff for a quick review. Can you send me the updated list of employees with full details (name, SSN, date of birth, home address, salary)? I want you to send me copies of employees’ W-2 wage and tax statements for 2016. I need them in PDF file type; you can send it as an attachmen

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Use Professional Online Payroll Services

online payroll services

Avoid These Potential Costly Payroll Mistakes With Your Start-Up by using Online Payroll Services As a new business owner you will constantly find yourself straddling a multitude of functions and responsibilities. While it may make sense to continue managing various tasks, it's also critical (for the health of your fledgling venture) to look for various duties to outsource. One common function that many entrepreneurs find makes sense to outsource? Payroll. Using professional online payroll services can make a significant impact on a wide range of operations within your business. In fact, business owners who choose not to utilize online payroll services often find themselves facing a myriad

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Prep For Payroll Processing Services

payroll processing

Ready To Use Payroll Processing Services? Know How To Prep For Setup Partnering with a new payroll processing service yields a long list of benefits for businesses of every size. Automating your payroll reduces manual errors, offers integration with other key systems, and ensures your business stays compliant with local and federal tax regulations. Despite the impressive return on investment, starting the process can (understandably) cause some rookie jitters. Many entrepreneurs find themselves worrying about what information they will need as well as what type of documentation they will have to present during their organization's setup. Some business owners avoid using payroll processin

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Stop Waiting: Use Automated Online Payroll Services

Online Payroll Processing Means No More Waiting – For You Or Your Employees Working the back office at any business means one task that simply cannot get overlooked: payroll processing. Whether your organization pays weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, your payroll procedure not only needs to get done promptly, it also needs to get done properly. Unfortunately, agreeing with this philosophy and effectively executing it is often two very different things for business owners using a manual process to pay employees. Manually managing your employees' payments not only opens up the margin for errors, it also takes up invaluable time that your accounting staff may not have to spare. The resu

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Questions To Ask Payroll Processing Services

Sourcing Payroll Processing Services? Ask These 8 Questions First Tired of manually managing your company's payroll and HR services? Fortunately, you do have options. More and more businesses are outsourcing some (or all) of their back office responsibilities to professional payroll processing services. What To Know When Working Through A List Of Prospective Payroll Processing Services Providers Is your interest officially piqued? It's time to find a qualified payroll processing services provider worthy of your trust and capable of managing both your current and future needs. Knowing 8 key questions to ask when you glean through a list of prospective payroll processing services provid

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Understanding Payroll Taxes

Professional Payroll Companies Break Down Tax Primer For Your Business For small business owners, managing payroll can feel like a full-time responsibility, particularly when it comes to coordinating all your corporate tax requirements. The best way to stay on top of your payroll obligations is to team with experienced payroll companies. These consulting companies partner with their clients to break down the general tax primer and ensure they remain compliant at all times. Tax Primer 101: Get The Basics Consulting with qualified payroll companies to breakdown tax regulations deliver a wealth of information. Your chosen vendor will provide details for you in three specific categories:

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Use Professional Payroll Processing Services

Can Your Payroll Service Provider Handle Your ACA Reporting? The Affordable Care Act marks a host of health insurance reforms and mandates with specific requirements on business owners. The current laws have distinctive requirements based on size of your organization. Some of the employment mandates pertain to: Self-employed individuals Less than 25 employees Less than 50 employees More than 50 employees Oftentimes, business owners falling into these specific employment categories find the best way to ensure ACA compliance means hiring a third party payroll processing services firm. However, once they begin their search they quickly realize that not all payroll processing s

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Understanding Fringe Benefit Taxability

Fringe Benefit Taxability: Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Company Compliant Think that you've got a firm grasp on your company's corporate tax responsibility for the past year? As the end of the year approaches, it's common for business owners to begin thinking about putting together the needed data to compile the various employee documents for filing. While most entrepreneurs recognize that all their full-time internal employees with benefits will receive a W2 form, many don't realize that the total claimed on each W2 doesn't rely on salary alone. When compiling W2 forms for your staff members, it's critical to also consider fringe benefit taxability to ensure your staff members

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Starting A Business? Why It Pays To Hire A Payroll Processing Company

Starting a new business means managing a multitude of "moving parts." No matter what industry your fledgling company will operate in, chances are, you'll be tasked with a myriad of responsibilities as you work to build brand recognition and (most importantly) establish your consumer base. While starting a new venture is an exciting time for any entrepreneur, it can also prove challenging and, at times, even overwhelming. Yes, wearing many hats is simply part of doing business at a new company; however, straddling various job roles can leave ample opportunity for a critical corporate responsibility to fall through the cracks. For these business owners struggling to keep up with a mass of t

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Managing Changes In Human Resources | Overtime Policy

Managing Changes In Human Resources: Prepare For The New Federal Overtime Regulations Managing changes in Human Resources is a fine balance in the best of circumstances. With the United States Department of Labor (DOL) preparing to make significant changes in overtime exemption requirements, many companies are scrambling to prepare. Background In July 2015, the DOL published a set of proposed changes to the minimum wage and overtime regulations. The proposed changes, published in the Federal Register, include nearly doubling the minimum salary required for exemption, raising the annual compensation for exemption of “highly compensated” workers, and establishing a system of automat

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